Restart. Renew. Refresh… A Thought.

When I drove across the country five years ago, I could fit my entire life in my car. If I was asked to do that now…well…I would struggle just to fit my ski gear alone. How does this happen?! Aside from the obvious need for better ski gear, there is no reason as to why I need more possessions than I can fit in my own home. The reason for all of these unnecessary objects in my life? The answer is a combination of many things: ups and downs, highs and lows, feeling the need to cling to a solid object that will bring immediate satisfaction and happiness. As I move forward, I feel less and less attachment to these objects that I have obtained during this time.

The past year and a half has been full of many ups and downs, but the outcome? The outcome has been the return of my true self – that ridiculous, insane, crazy lover of life that I seemed to have lost for a few years. Reuniting with this odd and ever so missed individual has enabled me to set aside the dark, clouded wayfarers and look, once again, through the binoculars of an ornithologist: looking for the humble, the rare, the beautiful, the small things in life that bring you true and genuine joy.

I recently returned from a road trip to the west coast, which renewed my love for the ocean, and helped me to remember the wide, open world that is out there. Ready, waiting, and with open arms. Now, back in the mountains, I woke up this morning to snow falling in Jackson, and I realized that just one snowflake is all I need to feel uplifted.

So. It is time to unload those unnecessary possessions and open up my life. It is time to pass on those objects that no longer bring me joy, and make space for what is to come. This is not limited to clothing and athletic gear, but also means spending more of my time doing creative, stimulating activities that release endorphins, make me laugh and make my brain come out of hibernation. Less time staring at a cell phone, more time laying in the forest. Less time looking at the online profiles of celebrities and more time looking at the mountains and the friends that create my greatest moments of happiness.

I wanted to write a post to express my thoughts that have culminated over the past couple weeks. I feel that it is important to have moments in your life when you take a step back and look at where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. For me, the past few months have created many of these moments. Being near the ocean last week reconnected me to all of these thoughts.

So, cheers to the unknown adventures ahead.

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