I am Becca. This is 926. This is a place where you can come to gain motivation and positive energy. I write about anything that sparks passion for me on a given day. Energy is contagious, and so is happiness. I want to share mine.

926. The reasoning behind 926 is simple. First, those were the first three numbers in my phone number growing up. To me, it symbolizes where I came from, and how I got here. Second, those numbers belong to a female black wolf in the Lamar Canyon Pack in the northern range of Yellowstone. If you read about her and her journey, she has been through battles, losses, triumphs, and she remains today raising pups and surviving by her own strength. Recently, many studies have been done to show that wolves exhibit human emotions such as generosity, empathy, and love. After spending some time in the northern range this spring, I have never felt so connected to an animal. Wolves, and 926 specifically, resemble strength & love, two qualities that got me where I am today, and two qualities that I hope to share with others as I move forward.