To blog or not to blog?

Many people have criticized me for having a blog. Not just having a blog, but having a blog that is not for the purpose of gaining ski sponsors or something of similar ground (although that is how this all started for me). My blog is purely about my life, what I am doing, and advice I have to give. This is a short post. 

We all want to be heard. One way or another. May it be professionally or emotionally, we all want our voices to move, to inspire, to encourage, to make change. I always loved public speaking. Who loves public speaking? No one. Well…I loved it. Why? It was the one time when I could be heard and I felt like I could make a difference and have the attention and ears of a room full of people. Did anything i ever say actually get across? Who knows, maybe my speech on gay rights that I gave my sophomore year in high school made a few fellow students think about things for a day, maybe not. However, standing up and feeling like you have a voice is sometimes all that matters. Whether you are heard or not is sometimes not the primary importance.

Public speaking is no longer an active part of my life – once you leave the academic surroundings of an institution, the opportunity to speak to large groups substantially dwindles. These days, social media is the number one way to get opinions and emotions across. It is also the best way to get something noticed, and to spread messages. That is my goal.

I don’t want to share the nitty gritty details of my day – “what am i going to wear today?”, or “how long did i floss for this morning?”, or “oh my god that yogurt I ate this morning was so not non-fat!” I am not trying to give everyone a play by play of my life, but instead, trying to reach people on another level. I am trying to reach people that have gone through similar experiences as my own. People that just need a little push to get out of bed some days. People that want to be inspired. Because, with my experience, if you want to be inspired, all you’ve gotta do is look for the right encouragement.

Sad? Read my post titled “Feeling down? Check these off a list” for quick ways to feel better immediately. Needing words of encouragement? Read my post that is purely a collection of quotes to motivate. Going through a break-up? You’re not alone, read my post on dating yourself and things I learned from my most recent experience. If nothing else, check out my “Weekly Insanity” page every so often for a few throwback songs, or a few brand new songs. No matter what, just check my posts out and you will at least be entertained for a brief second.

I am 26 years old and have so much to learn and so many years ahead to grow. Social media may not be the best way to broadcast lists of advice or to post witty comments. All I know is that I want to move forward in my life with positive energy and good vibes. If I have learned anything, the best way to do that is to reach out to others. This blog is me reaching out. I want to share my experiences and thoughts with others in hopes that just maybe, one tiny word or phrase will pick someone up and motivate them. If not, at least my friends can use it to add some humor to their lives. Life’s all about taking chances and putting yourself out there. That’s all I am doing. Have a great day, friends. Life is good.


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