The Happiest of Days: Natalie & Colby Tie the Knot

This past week I wandered over Togwotee Pass to Lander, Wyoming for the wedding of my best friend, Natalie Converse. She was tying the knot with the most genuine guy I have met to this day, Colby Clark. The wedding was filled with dancing, moonshine, hail, two wonderful families and dozens of incredible friends. I have been to a number of weddings, but none have compared to this. Not only that, but I have never felt such joy for two people as I did this past weekend when Natalie & Colby committed their lives to each other. Natalie & Colby, you two are amazing and I wish you all the best.

I have included a few things I learned during this past week, and some once in a lifetime experiences..



No matter how many things go wrong during a wedding week, if you love the person you are about to marry, everything just has a way of working out.

Don’t ever attempt to use a dull meat grinder to mix elk meat with chunks of fat. You will only end up mixing it by hand and chances are you will fling raw beef onto your neck, into your hair, and even possibly the ceiling. Not to mention, the number of meat jokes that will be cracked will reach a level of insanity.

You don’t need electricity to get the bride ready on her wedding day. Sometimes the power on a ranch just may happen to go out that morning. A true Wyoming bride makes due and ends up looking more beautiful than ever.

Don’t misplace your wedding rings the day before the wedding.

Spray tans that involve stripping naked, stepping into an old bath tub, and having an abnormally blonde woman spray you down by hand most likely won’t turn out well….

Mimosas save the day. Always.

Hail is good luck on a wedding day. Trust me.

Southern boys are surprisingly good dancers, and can be very charming.

Having BBQ for your reception meal after your ceremony is a sure thing in Wyoming. Who lives in Wyoming and thinks they can be a vegetarian? Let’s be honest.

Always bring moleskin to a wedding, you never know when the bride will need it.

No matter how bad at dancing you are, if you have a good male leading, it shouldn’t matter. Colby Clark is a prime example of this. Too bad he’s taken!

Choosing a bridesmaid dress that is so comfortable that you are able to spend all day in it, sleep in it, go out to breakfast the next morning in it, and travel back home in it…well let’s just say it is an amazing idea. Natalie Converse knew that well.

Moonshine is just as powerful as you think it is. It also easily can be poured into a Smart Water bottle and brought to the bar.

Irish car bombs are not meant to be taken as a shot and THEN a pint of Guinness…don’t do it. You will be laughed at and have to repeat the next night to prove yourself.

If you dance with a three year old child once and your dance involves lifting them off the ground and spinning them around, you won’t be able to escape for the rest of the night. And you will have a line of children waiting for their turn.

Natalie Converse was the most beautiful bride that will ever exist. I love her.



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