I returned last night from a weekend in Vegas. My first weekend in Vegas. I was there with my best friend Natalie, to celebrate her bachelorette party. I thought I could handle it. I was wrong.

Just to note a few things that I learned during my blur of a weekend…



McDonalds has not improved their food in the last 15years. Don’t ever think different. No matter how intoxicated.

Wearing heels is always a mistake.

Wearing heels a second night after getting a blister the first is definitely a mistake.

If you have both room keys, don’t pass out in your room while your friends are outside. You will wake up to three security guards questioning you.

If you think you have seen every type of breast that exists in this world, you are SO WRONG. There are shapes and sizes that you could never imagine. EVER.

If you feel bad about your body, just go to a pool party in Vegas.

Never pay for anything. Except food. You will always find a way onto the guest list or at a table with bottle service.

Never walk around in bare feet. I still fear that I contracted a horrible disease via my open blister….

Barf bags on planes really do work.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your drinks are weak. In Vegas – one drink is $15, but they want to get you fucked up. Take it easy..

Limos are not as exciting as I expected. BUT- sharing a limo with eight people is cheaper than taking a cab down the strip, and you can skip all the taxi lines..

Tiesto never lets you down.




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