For the last three years, I have lived 2,013 miles away from my family. The majority of days I am so preoccupied with my life that the distance does not even occur to me. However, the longer I seem to be away, the more days I begin to think about this separation.

I am fortunate enough to have two sisters. One of which is two years older, just received a Masters Degree, and has a bubbly personality that anyone she meets is sure to fall in love with. The other is two years younger, six inches taller, and would crush me in a spelling bee. They make me whole. There will be no other relationships I will form during my life that will have a bond as strong as the one I have created with my sisters.

My older sister has always been there for me. Even during the times when I was a little brat. In middle school, the older guys would talk to me to get to her. She was miss popular and the most gorgeous girl in school. I wore Carhartts and threatened to beat boys up. Despite our differences, she was never embarrassed by me, proud to stand by my side, and always there to listen when I was having a rough day. She is beautiful, smart, and irreplaceable. My older sister is someone that every man should want to marry, every company would be lucky to hire, and every girl should want to befriend. She is my one and only older sister and keeps me whole.

My younger sister and I may as well be the same age. She often gives me better advice than I can give her. I taught her that baggy Carhartts look cool, and she taught me that nice clothes aren’t all that bad. She has been a rock for both my older sister and I. She has always had a confidence that most people strive for. One that I know my older sister and I are proud of. The kind of confidence that motivates others to be better. My younger sister is tall, beautiful, and extremely intelligent. She has the best sense of fashion of anyone I know. The person who earns her love will be the luckiest alive. She is my one and only “little” sister, and I admire her greatly.

Sisters set the bar for friendships. They hold all of the qualities that you look for in others when forming relationships. Trustworthy. Honest. Committed. Good listeners. Funny. Let you be yourself. Love you even when you make mistakes. Give you advice. Forgiving. Sharing. Non judgmental. Smart. Caring. Sympathetic. Empathetic. Would do anything for you.

My sisters have been there for me through everything. They have made me who I am today. They are my best friends, and I am so lucky to be smack dab in the middle of such a wonderful family.

For all those times we would put on our tutus and jump around the living room.

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