Offseason in Jackson: minus the booze.

When you live in Jackson, WY year round, you learn that there are two times of the year when absolutely nothing is going on. Stores shut down, construction begins, and your friends leave for far away lands that you can’t afford. It is hard to prevent the inevitable from happening during these times: becoming a serious seasonal alcoholic. However, there are ways to avoid this. Fall off-season is beautiful weather and has endless options…the spring on the other hand? Not the case. You wake up on your days off with a plan to start the summer off with a bang! I am going to make a great smoothie for breakfast, I am going to start exercising, I am going to clean out my car, it is gonna be great! Then you look out the window and its pouring rain/hailing/snowing/a combination of all three. What now? To avoid hitting the bottle, I have found a few activities that could keep your mind pre-occupied and your liver intact.

1. Cooking. What better time than off-season to learn new recipes? It is hard to lock yourself inside and make the kitchen your home when it is beautiful and sunny outside, so why not now? Take the time to make a protein rich breakfast, and learn how to cook a new meal twice a week. You will save money, and move into the summer with some serious skills in the food department.

2. Simplify and rejuvenate your living space. Stuck inside? Make your living space one that you enjoy spending time in. Clean your room. Do that laundry you have been avoiding. Scrub that section of the shower you have put off for months. Bring a bag of clothes to the Browse N’ Buy. Throw away all those receipts and papers you have had stowed away in the corner since November. Simplifying will enable you to relax. No more worrying about the tasks you have had in mind for months. Get them done.

3.Learn a new skill or improve on one you already have. For me, that is sewing. My mother taught me how to sew at a young age, and since living in Jackson, my interest has sky rocketed. I have made numerous shift dresses, as well as many of my own creations. The most difficult project was a men’s collared western style long sleeve shirt. I would like to become more efficient and skilled at this trade, and what better time to improve on it than now. I have just ordered fabric from Jo-Anne Fabrics online (so cheap compared to Stitch N Time in Jackson). My goal is to create another men’s shirt, improving on my weaknesses from the last.

4. Strengthen friendships. Those of us who cannot afford to travel the world in the off-season, or do so for a limited time, are around and most likely just as bored as the other. Call an acquaintance up and meet them for coffee. Who knows, you could spark up a new connection that could last for years.

5. Test out the grub in town. We all know it, and why not take advantage: two for one off-season specials are here. Grab a buddy and hit up Nikai for $6 rolls, or one of the many restaurants running the 2 for 1 special. Maybe a cocktail or a beer is ok with this one. But keep it to a minimum!

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