Feeling down? Check these off a list.

I recently read a few articles on quick and easy ways to feel happy. Everyone has their own suggestions and obviously some are more realistic than others. Although it may seem silly, I think it is important to stop and think of the little things that make a difference in your daily attitude. Recently I have been struggling with my own emotional dramas, and I have found that putting effort into happiness is more important than ever. Now  is the time to be strong. More importantly, today is the day to become the person you want to be. What qualities do you look for in the people you connect with and want to spend time with? Make it happen.

Move around. Jump up and down, dance, do lunges, whatever you can. Don’t just sit there and be lazy.

Think of happy thoughts. If you need to, grab a pen and paper and write down five things that make you happy.

Brighten someone else’s day. This could range from an overly kind text message to a good friend, to a two hour phone conversation with a long lost friend that you haven’t spoken with in years, to volunteering in the community. Anything that is not for your benefit. Make another person happy.

Get outside. Smell the fresh air and soak in the sun.

Smile. Force it if you have to. Trust me. It will feel good.

Listen to an upbeat song. Dance to it.

Put yourself in a social setting. That could mean grabbing a coffee with a friend or going to a large gathering.

Think positive. Feel positive.


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